Friday, April 15, 2011

street food......

During my college days,I was majorly into street food!We had a decent mess and mess food was mostly good but my love for street food dragged me to the thelewalas (mobile vendors) regularly!I recently re-visited my regular hangouts during one of my day dreaming sessions.......
firstly the sandwich guy right outside my college sold the most amazing punjabi sandwiches filled with spicy potato filling and slathered generously with butter!mmmmm....girls used to flock him like he was a superstar!
next was a dosa stall a block away near a PCO run by a goan couple where all the hostel girls used to call back home.This stall opened late in the evening& had the spiciest mysore masala dosa with a deep red filling layered with chutney and dotted generously with ghee.It was huge for one person so i used to mostly share it with my close friend S (another street food fan like me!)
then there was this small shed opposite the dosa stall that sold plain dhal,chawal&scrambled egg for RS10 ! this was for the days when we were bored of mess food(which was often!)

We often visited the santacruz market to buy stuff for college projects,there was this small restaurant called Gulfam,that sold mouth watering egg biryani!it was a crammed up joint with a dingy wooden staircase that led to an upper deck packed with biryani hungry customers like us!

then ofcourse there was the juhu beach within walking distance that had the most delicious chaats !colourful savepuris,tangy bhel puris,raj kachori,dahi pappdi chat,channa chats and creamy pav bhajis.....

now a days i almost never eat out.....with a preschooler and a toddler,eating out is more a hassle than relaxation and enjoyment.Then there is the worry of what the food might do to their tender tummies!to top it there are no good Indian eating joints here.Nothing compared to the lip smacking satisfaction of standing in the dusty street and scooping mouths full of pani poori with the tangy juice dripping down your mouth.


  1. Oh, your post left my mouth watering :)... You know even I'm just so crazy for street food and I miss esp. Mumbai street food so badly in Bangalore. The hot spicy vada paavs or the egg biryanis or wadas and bhajjis and those cheese sandwiches...absolute yum!

  2. And I must add that I loved your "about me" section... touching, relatable and expressed brilliantly :)