Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are you a picture perfect mom?

Off late I have started obsessing over my looks....my hair to be more precise.Its been quite some time that i let my hair loose.I am tired with my pony tail and aunty like bun!Delivering 2 babies have left me with a little more hair than being bald.Now ,I'm not exaggerating here!my thinning hair and poor texture have become a constant cause of worry that my kids tantrums feel far less worrisome!I go into the bathroom every now and then and frown at my poor hair condition.I looked up hair supplements and pestered my hubby(who strongly believes in getting all the nutrients from food naturally!!!!get all the nutrients and wait for my hair to grow when?before i die!?!) into geting me a big bottle of pills for 'Hair,skin&nails'.I stopped going shopping years back,thanks to my boisterous boys who think huge shopping malls are places to run around with out turning back to see if your parents are there or not!Shopping carts can restrict them only until they decide its time to yell for a toy and get down to explore which happens in less than 5 mins.My hubby breaks into a sweat if i suggest that he takes the kids for a drive to the mall so i can spend some time in solitude!!You can imagine what sweet children i have!:)So we have reached a mutual understanding that hubby dear works his heart of and does all the shopping during the week so that he can turn into a play structure during weekends,with the boys climbing all over him!Now coming to my big bottle of pills,well I've started popping them with no effects yet......to top it hubby was sweet enough to browse through the cosmetics section and get me an Olive oil root stimulater and anti breakage hair cream!Now this is from someone who thinks stores are meant to be places that sell only Electronic gadgets!!!Well ,I've been frantically popping pills,drinking water,trying out various oils,creams and other home remedies and store remedies to grow my hair......humph....I haven't given up,the results will take some time i guess.When i see all my friend's pictures on facebook with straightened glossy hair and fashionable trendy clothes,i wonder how they manage it all !!!The total time i take to get ready is 10 mins!!!I mean it!All i do is change into a pair of boring jeans&t-shirt and pull on a jacket,I tie my hair into a pony and maybe put on some chapstick to protect from the cold,that's about it.i am weary of trying any artificial means to make my hair look glamorous because i just can't maintain it!I dont have the luxury of time,so just have to do with healthy alternatives to make it at least manageable.My mom has this pic of me framed in her living room where i have wonderful layered tresses in my favorite Madhuri hair style and perfectly made up face.....Sometimes when i think of that pic,I cant believe its me....The kind of ME that I am now is far from any photographers delight.So until I get back my healthy hair,my mission will continue and hats off to all picture perfect moms!

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