Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is special ?

My son's preschool teacher recently sent their month's lesson plan and the topic of discussion this week was what makes each child special.This set me thinking......first about the word special,what it truly meant and what was special about each person in my family!?!Like any loving mother in the world,i feel every bit of my children are special,everything about them is special and every little innocent act is special in its own way.Of late my older son is into drawing&coloring.Like any preschooler, he is exploring his world through colors&i already feel he's definitely going to grow up to be a Picasso!when he is away at preschool,i go through his drawings& beam with pride at his wonderful creations.At 15 months i feel my younger son is a born basket ball player!!!balls never cease to fascinate him and he's always throwing them at the wrong places,like my dinner plate!behind the t.v & speakers or on top of the huge dining table towering in front of his tiny self.My hubby K, is paranoid about the ball bouncing behind his prized speakers,being the electronic freak that he is,he is always worried about the massive damage that those weightless balls might make on his 40 lb speakers!!now coming to K.What makes him special?I feel he is a genuine person with absolutely no pretenses.He doesn't try to converse with any kind of American or English accent.....He patiently repeats whatever he's trying to convey to the eager looking foreigner trying to decipher his thick Indian english.He doesn't care to see if someone is watching him not use his knife and fork on his pizza...I always try to display my table manners and meticulously cut my pizza into a perfect bite size while he is already digging into his 3rd or 4th slice!!!I pout my lips and take a tiny sip from my dainty glass while i hear K loudly banging his glass down after a huge gulp&wiping his satisfied face!One of my friend's from CA used to say,i like it when your hubby comes over because he never says, 'no no i just had my coffee/tea,maybe next time' and gladly accepts whatever i offer!Most people say no when offered refreshments at any friends place but not K!Most of all he just can not hide what he's feeling!When he's angry or worried or excited or Happy,he just has to let you know.....or rather let ME know!I always tell him I'm his emotional dump.Being one spares me from guessing whats hidden in his mind or trying to peep under his mask.He has no mask and he can never have one.The open book that he is,i can read him at one glance!This preschool exercise has helped not only my son realize what makes him special but has also had a therapeutic effect on me,reminding me to cherish all the special people around me.Maybe i should repeat this exercise every once in few months so that i don't get carried away by petty quarrels and forget to count my blessings.


  1. This was an interesting post! I think I should do this exercise too. :)

  2. i think looking into such tiny details of ur life, acknowledging them and cherishing make it all the more beautiful. i was reading ur 'about me' in ur profile and felt sad that u rnot the girl u used to be..but see, this post of urs says u still have all ur sensibilities intact. once a person with stars in her eyes and sunshine for a smile always d same, ofcourse there will be cloudy days but hey teh sun shines again. cheers!! :)