Thursday, April 1, 2010

When you do nothing at all.....

I am a busy person.I am a mother of 2 active boys(an infant and a preschooler),I go through the usual routines of life cooking,cleaning,taking care of hubby and kids....wiping their tears,laugh at their innocent jokes and love my family with all my heart.This has been my routine for a long time but something was amiss...I was no doubt happy,i was doing my best...I was stressed out most days juggling kids and home but that was part of the game,But something was still amiss.One dark morning,i groped out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror toothbrush in hand.tousled hair,sunken eyes,shabby pajamas.I asked the person in the mirror,is this me?I shrug my shoulders and went about my routine.I brushed,showered,started fixing breakfast and lunch day had started.Soon the kids and hubby were up,I started attending to them.Later on I went into the restroom to help my older son wash his hand,The same person i saw in the morning while brushing my teeth stared back at me!The same tousled hair,same sunken eyes with a different pair of shabby pajamas!hmmm....well, that's me!I said and walked off.As i took a few steps,i realized...I was not me anymore!but i have started to believe that this new me is ME!!!too many Me's confusing me!Well to make it simple,I had been doing things for everyone around me that i had completely forgotten to do anything for myself!This was what was amiss in my life!I was so busy loving everyone that I had forgotten to Love myself!I realized,it is so important to love yourself to be able to love the people around you!!!So I decided to take out sometime everyday for myself....just be in touch with the true ME,not the wife or mother....So that someday,i can look at the mirror and smile at the person looking back at me and say"Yes! that's ME!!!"


  1. I know this feeling..being a mother changes alot..and being a grown up that your mother was..even more..

  2. I'm so glad you have decided to rediscover the Vidhya I knew. The one with stars in her eyes and sushine for a smile. :) *hugs*

  3. We spend so much time in our transactional lives,that we forget who we are in the inside.As time flies, transactions rise and we keep losing ourselves to duties, roles, responsibilities...and then one day it snaps...then we land up doing the wrong thing to the wrong set of people at the wrong time.

    I guess the balancing act has to start the same time the transactions start.
    Maybe then..the mirror on the wall will be have a smiling face...

  4. @Gyanban- I agree so much with "then we land up doing the wrong thing to the wrong set of people at the wrong time." I had this deep irritation inside me coz i was missing something and didn't know what.....and i guess a lot of my irritation was reflected in my actions....I'm seriously starting to feel better and boy!am so glad!